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The previous Career Presentations section highlighted the daily activities performed in each medical laboratory profession. This section contains a variety of resources to assist teachers in teaching various science education standards related to these medical laboratory professions. It includes:

  • “Can You Solve the Mystery?” lessons covering topics from each medical laboratory discipline.
  • A complete “ready to use” Urinalysis Lesson (a lesson plan linked to science standards with mock-up urine recipes, objectives, lecture presentation, laboratory exercise and student activity handouts)
  • PDF files of brochures and letters that can be printed for parents and students
  • Additional web-based resources including:
    1. Web Quest activities to supplement the lessons,
    2. A link to the MED LAB CAREERS web site which contains
      career information and
    3. An UPDATES section containing new“ready to use” lessons, activities and links as they become available.

In addition, please note that the Student Activities section contains a selection of case studies prepared by clinical laboratory science/medical technology students as well as a variety of web-based games, activities, and healthcare career and learning style advice.

These materials are provided as a service from the Michigan Association of Laboratory Science Educators (MALSE), supported by the Michigan Department of Community Health. Their hope is that some students will find the medical laboratory sciences exciting and will pursue one of the related careers. Overcoming the current shortage of laboratory professionals and insuring an adequate supply of professionals into the future relies on getting students excited about these topics NOW. You can help meet this need for future medical laboratory professionals. Please read the letter from MALSE addressed to parents under Handout Masters.